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Halloween in Maui ~ a never ending supply of willing subjects!

Halloween in Maui

Halloween is for kids! Right? Not so in Hawaii’s resort town of Lahaina.

Each year, officials estimate 20,000 to 40,000 wacky adults go there to experience the show but I don’t know how they’d ever count them! While some tourists were there just to see the people in their costumes, the vast majority of the crowd was dressed for the occasion. Many of the costumes were amazingly creative. I carried my Nikon D4 and a remote strobe. Every single person I asked to photograph let me do so, then told ME thanks!


Tropically Warm: In many of the years we’ve lived in Jackson Hole, Snow King Resort hosted a Halloween Party and dance. I always thought it would be fun to set up with my camera equipment in front of the resort and take photos of people going into the center, but the event hasn’t been held for the past couple of years. Weather here in late October can be relatively pleasant—or it can be snowing and bitter cold. So, I guess it makes sense a coastal town could pull it off year after year.

Halloween in Maui

All In: Many of the costumes were thorough, creative and original. It was readily apparent people had spent weeks or months creating them. Of course, there was a costume contest with cash and gift certificates. Besides the people walking up and down the streets, the bars, stores and restaurants were open. Street vendors sold food in the parks and bands played in several locations. Police, paramedics, and fire department blocked off side streets and watched as the creatures of the night strolled by.


Costumes ranged from whimsical to scary. Click any of the thumbnails to see larger images.



Pirates against Hawaii’s sunset : I was behind the camera on this one taken of “our group”.

Street Photography: The images above probably don’t fit into the “street photography” category, but they might offer some ideas for capturing something different in your area. If nothing else, subjects like this challenge me to hone different skills. I’ll be back to posting photos of wildlife and landscapes from the Jackson Hole area soon!


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Comments (3)

  1. Marion Dickinson

    Wow, Mike. I would say you found some really different “wild life” over

  2. Lowell Schechter

    Hi Mike
    I bet you would like to stay there for the winter but nothing beats the Teton area at any time of the year. These images in Hawaii are so very colorful and certainly fits the bill for an Halloween trick or treat

  3. Lowell, the trip was great! I came home with around 6000 images with lots of vivid blue and green, plus spectacular sunrises and sunsets with reds, oranges, and golds. The Tetons kill the late evening light, so we are lucky to get a good sunset shot here. I was glad to be home, however.

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