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  1. I am interested in going out with you on photo shoot. I was thinking of coming to Jackson hole for a week starting Oct 9th
    but I could come any time from 10-9-15 to 12-10-15 is any of this a good time?

  2. Hi Ken,
    Just about ANY TIME is a good time to come to Jackson Hole. Most of the core foliage is past prime by October 9th, but some still remains for a while afterwards. You could pick just about any date if booking this far out. If I were you, I’d look over the September, October, November, and December Daily Updates pages for 2013 and 2014. They should give you a very clear overview of what you might expect during your time frame. Then, let me know specifics. You can also send an email to and I give you more details. Thanks! Mike Jackson

  3. Candy Brad

    Mike led a tour for us a few days ago and it was an incredible day out in the field. My husband and I are avid photographers and not only did Mike share new parts of Grand Teton NP with us, but we also walked away having learned quite a few new things that will help us capture better images. If you have a chance to go on an excursion with him, do it! It is well worth it!

  4. Dave Richardson

    I have been to the Tetons many times during my childhood, and I just love seeing them. They and the surroundings are absolutely awesome, they always take my breath away. Jenny Lake, Teton River, Jackson Valley, to me this is the real west. I wanted to git on a horse and ride everywhere at the same time. Now I’m 70, retired, disabled veteran, and all I have are your pictures and my memories. Can’t even git on a horse anymore. Thank you for your photos, they mean a lot.

  5. Hi Dave, Thanks for taking the time to post. Sorry to hear there is a hitch in your giddy-up, but happy to hear you are enjoying seeing the photos! Feel free to post anytime. SALUTE to our veterans! MJ

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