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MikeHatColor_SepiaAbout Me:

My wife and I moved to Jackson Hole, WY in 1986. Jackson Hole is the gateway city to two of the most beautiful National Parks in the country—Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. While we still travel a bit, I spend most of my time in the Tetons and enjoying the many activities the area has to offer. Hard to beat it!

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Painting from Central State University in Edmond, OK. That’s what my diploma says anyway. I believe CSU is now the University of Central Oklahoma. I began a 40 plus year career doing hand crafted signs in Oklahoma City and then Jackson Hole, WY. Over the years, I migrated towards the digital graphics side of the changing sign trade to augment the hand crafted elements. I bought my first film camera while in college and wore out several of them over the years. Eventually, I traded in my film cameras to the newer high resolution digital cameras. We sold the sign shop in 1995, giving me more time to be out in the wilds taking photos.

I live in a photo rich environment I love so much. I get to call upon my training in fine art, photography, and computer graphics to create artistic images that blend it all together.

Member: NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association) — NWU  (National Writers Union) — NPS (Nikon Professional Services) —NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) — Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

About My Equipment:

In case you are interested: I am currently using Nikon D5, D810, D500 pro bodies. Lenses: 14-24mm f/2.8 wide angle lens, 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, 70-200mm f/2.8 mid-range zoom lens, and 200-400mm f/4 telephoto zoom lens, Nikon 200-500mm zoom lens.  I recently added a Tamron 150-600mm G2lens. The rest of the gear is rather eclectic. The tripod is use most is an older four piece Gitzo G1348 Mountaineer MK2 Carbon Fiber Tripod with a Really Right Stuff leveling pan base and an Arca-Swiss Ball Head. I have a Wimberley Sidekick on each of the two larger lenses with collars. My second, heavy duty tripod is a Manfrotto 504HD Video Fluid Head w/ 536 4-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit . The camera bags are filled with all kinds of gadgets, triggers, connectors, and so forth, along with numerous Nikon strobes.

Artistic version of an action packed image of a wild stallion chasing a younger stallion away from his band of mares in northern Wyoming. (Mike R. Jackson)

About My Images:

The image above is a typical image found on my Teton Images site. Many of them started out as a standard photo, then modified with some sort of artistic technique. This dynamic image is one of my better sellers. Prairie Warriors won the Equestrian division of the Cowboys and Indians magazine annual photo competition.

About This Blog:

Overview: The first feature post on this blog site was made on July 30th, 2013. By almost all standards, this is still a blog site in its infancy. The goal was to load the site with both informative and interesting information about Jackson Hole and photography. I hope to make it “the go-to site” for anyone interested in keeping an eye on the area, or are planning on visiting the area. And, I’d like to throw in some surprise posts to keep people guessing and interested.

Best of the Tetons has essentially two types of posts. The “Daily Updates and Photos” posts are created for each month and contain news, links, photos, and updates happening during that month. At any time, readers can click on Daily Updates pages for the same month in the prior year to get an idea of what to expect this year. That’s a great resource if you are planning a trip. The second type of posts on this site are what I call “Feature Posts”.  Feature Posts are usually more confined to a specific topic or subject. This scope of the photography and information at this site isn’t limited to only wildlife and landscape photography in Jackson Hole. I also include some regional posts and mixture of events and happenings here in the hole. Variety of is the spice of life! In Jackson Hole, there’s always something interesting going on! Lastly, you will occasionally see links to Teton Images. That’s my photography web site with images for sale.

If you are new to Best of the Tetons,you might find it beneficial to check out this page: Best of the Tetons : Start Here!  The page is a collection of semi-organized links to all of my previous Feature Posts. Check out the Must Read section, too!


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Mike R. Jackson



Comments (24)

  1. AM Ruttle

    Hi Mike, VERY cool! Great idea! Looks in fine shape to me!

  2. Oscar Nunez


    Thanks for setting up the blog. Love your photos and your posts on the YNet forums.


  3. Hi Oscar,
    Thanks for the note! At least for a while, I need everyone’s help by passing my link around and Liking posts. I believe it will get some traction quickly once people start coming here for the info. Best wishes, Mike Jackson

  4. Jackie Miller

    Absolutely awesome website!!!! I have always appreciated you sharing your photos and insight with others. Oklahoma has not been as hot and we have had more moisture than last year when I watched the moose in October with you. How has the weather been there and with the first hints of trees changing do you think that I will be too late for fall colors if I come the first week of October this year?

  5. Hi Jackie,
    It’s great to know some people are actually finding this blog site and people are reading it. Thanks! I can always use everyone’s help to spread the word to help make the effort worth it.

    I plan on doing a Fall Photography and Viewing blog very soon. The yellow and red leaves are certainly prodding me to get it done sooner than later. I can usually review previous years in my Lightroom catalogs and get an idea of peak foliage in certain areas of the park. Traditionally, peak at Oxbow Bend is around October 4th and it extends an extra few days depending on when we get strong winds. Leaves start turning a little before that in the river bottoms. Each year is different, however. I’ll try to cover that in the blog post.

    Thanks again! Mike Jackson

  6. Jackie Miller

    Thanks Mike. I will watch for your updates.

  7. jason uptergrove

    snow is light this year might be February before i see you on the side of the road with the goats again very nice site thanks

  8. I discovered your site on Nikonians after a visit to the Tetons in late September this year. I really enjoy reading your blogs and viewing your spectacular images. Thanks for providing this site.

  9. Lisa Trammell

    I love your site. I really enjoy reading your post and your photography is outstanding.

  10. John Sichenze

    Live your blog. I am shooting in Shenendoah National Park the same way but we have less to shoot as I am in and on the mountains when I am there. I try to get to Jackson every year for a week. I live shooting there but rain was my companion this trip.

  11. John, thanks for taking the time to post. Unfortunately, some people visit GTNP and never get to see the Tetons. After a week or ten days of crystal clear skies, I start complaining about no clouds. Then we get slammed with fog and thick clouds for a week and we start wishing for some sun. If you follow along, you might see I look for waterfalls and cascading streams on the cloudy days, including getting tight on leaves, berries and texture shots. Those kind of opportunities are fairly abundant in GTNP. I hope you had a fruitful trip with whatever weather Mother Nature threw at you.

  12. Wow Mike.. it has been a long time! Very near 30 years. Good to find you still in Jackson; still this side of the mortal-coil-unwind; and still doing very cool stuff in creativity. Hopefully, one of these days we might actually meet. Hoosierville is still watching. Best. “; )

  13. Hello Mike,

    Your blog is fantastic!
    You made a lot of useful work and posted so many detailed information on Grand Teton.
    Thank you very much for that from Russia!

  14. After a recent visit I enjoy reading about what I left behind. Nicely done. Thanks
    Norm kanwisher

  15. Arnie Brokling

    Thanks for taking the time to share some of your tips and tricks of the trade with our Peer Mentor group the other day. Your work is fantastic and I appreciate your willingness to answer our questions.
    Arnie Brokling

  16. Was great meeting you out in the bush near Kelly this weekend with the bull moose!!! Your very kind and I’ll share your page with my friends and students back home in California. Can’t wait to come back soon and schedule a day trip with you of shooting the Tetons.

  17. Linda Devine

    Looks like you’ve followed your passions through life, Mike. Good for you! Your sign work and photography are outstanding.

  18. Heather simpson

    Hi there we are Heather & Adam and we live in Staffordshire in the UK.
    We are very much nature lovers and love birds especially and we came across 4 bird prints 1 of which is a Bullfinch and 1 looks very much like a siskin.
    They are very colourful and signed by Mike Jackson,
    We have scoured the Internet to find the artist but as yet come to a blank and we wondered if they could possibly be your work.
    We would really appreciate if you could let us know.

  19. Hi Heather,
    I have never photographed a Bullfinch, so that one couldn’t be mine. I’d be curious about the signed prints. Possibly another Mike Jackson, but who knows! MJ

  20. Interesting blog about the two Tamron 150-600mm lenses. After trying these as well as the Sigma 150-600 sport, I have decided to stick with the Nikon 200-500.

  21. There are a lot of features to like about the Nikon 200-500mm lens, and I especially like it when paired with a D500. I like the extended range on both ends of the Tamron(s), too.

  22. Thank you for this incredible website, it really helped me to prepare my trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone, This time I really want to enjoy the Tetons and thanks to your infos, I’m sureI will.
    Greetings from France

  23. Thanks for the great blog and website! Hope to join you on a photoshoot in the coming year!
    Val and Chuck, Placerville CA

  24. Wesley Jones

    Thanks so much for providing a great Journal on wildlife in Jackson hole. Your pictures are great. Thanks again for sharing Wes and Ruth Jones Parish, FL

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