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Cross Fox

Foxes of Winter and Spring 2018

Winter is often a great time to find and photograph Red Foxes in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park. Their fur is full and beautiful! If against the pristine snow, they often are easier to spot.

Instead of loading this page with heavy copy, I thought it might be nice to simply post a lot of photos. All but two of them were taken in January, February and March of 2018. Almost all of them were captured in the southern half of GTNP.

Red Fox in the Rocks



Cross Fox

Cross Fox

Four Kits

A single litter can produce both Cross Fox and Red color variations, along with light and dark variations of each as seen in this litter from last year. Occasionally, someone might say they saw a black fox, but in this area of the country, they are all Red Foxes—distinguished by the white tip on their tail.


Most readers at this site already know I have a Commercial Use Authorization permit that allows me to legally offer photography tours in Grand Teton National Park as Best of the Tetons Photo Tours. Throughout the year, CUA permit holders receive notifications from the Park to inform us of programs, road closures, and alerts. I’ve received three documents about the GTNP Fox Program: The page includes information about a male Foxes that was put down late in 2017—along with general information regarding the ear tags and collars you might see on some of the Park’s Foxes. The page includes information about the scope and purpose of the Fox study program.

Cross Fox

Cross Fox on the Move

Red Fox in Snow


Hunter: This honey colored Fox has a red and a green ear tag. I often remove them in Photoshop. The Cross Fox on this page has neither ear tags or a collar.

Red Fox Jumping


Cross Fox

Where to Look: Red Foxes “can be” seen almost anywhere in the valley. This list documents many of the places I’ve seen them.

  • National Elk Refuge & National Fish Hatchery area
  • Cache Creek
  • Karn’s Meadows in town
  • Wilson: Including Fish Creek Road and Fall Creek Road
  • Kelly: Along the Gros Ventre and North of Kelly
  • East Boundary Road and around Kelly Warm Springs
  • Antelope Flats Road and along the Bike Path on the Highway.
  • Upper Gros Ventre Road to Atherton Creek Campground
  • Signal Mountain, Leek’s Marina, Colter Bay
  • Jackson Lake Dam area and Oxbow Bend
  • String Lake and Jenny Lake areas
  • Flagg Ranch complex
  • Elk Flats area and near Moose Head Ranch and Triangle X Ranch
  • Moose-Wilson Road & Teton Village area
  • Along the Highway near National Museum of Wildlife Art
  • Boyle’s Hill Road and Swan Pond Area
  • Flat Creek Wetlands north of the Visitor’s Center
  • Buffalo Valley Road
  • Shane Cabin area and the Teton Science School area
  • Teton Science School between Jackson and Wilson
  • Spring Gulch Road

So far this year, I can count 10 different Foxes.  I know there are lots more!

Hidden Fox

If you are having trouble seeing a fox, there’s a good possibility it doesn’t want to be seen! Unless they are out in the open, they can be difficult to spot!

Silent Watcher

And they can “hide in plain sight” —you just have to be watching for them.

Foxes often use the roads for quick travel.

Fox Portrait


Cross Fox

Cross Fox

Curious Red Fox

Red Fox on the Move

Cross Fox

Cross Fox

Cross Fox

All of the beautiful Cross Foxes on this page are the same animal, seen randomly on the East side of the park. I’ve seen as many a three different Foxes in one day, but I’ve also been skunked on many occasions.

Cross Fox

Cross Fox

Red Fox

Red Fox


If you are lucky enough to spend time with the Red Foxes, you’ll likely fall in love with them! If not harassed, many will flourish alongside humans. They are wild by Nature, but will readily build a den under the porch or crawl space of a house in a busy neighborhood, or even in a culvert under a busy road. Male Foxes hunt for the nursing Vixens and continue to hunt with the mother as the kit’s diet changes from milk to meat. There’s a lot to love!

As the snow melts, and Vixens move into their dens, it seems the Fox activity slows down somewhat until May. The hungry Kits begin appearing at the opening of the den and both parents are forced to hunt to feed the little ones. By that time, the adults are in the middle of shedding their Winter fur and replacing it with sleek short fur.

Photos on this Page

Every photo was taken with a Nikon D5 and Tamron 150-600 G2 lens.

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  1. jeff c birmingham

    Very nice mike!!!!!!! Fox are so fun to me to photograph i just love them great pics!!!!! We will be back in may hoping to see some fox!!!!

  2. That is something I have seen real quick, but never had the chance to photograph. I would love to see one, or two this spring.

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    Great images and content Mike! Thanks for sharing!

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    Mike, wonderful images of the foxes, especially the cross fox. Certainly like the young foxes, which there are a mix between the red fox and the cross fox.

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