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Into the Sun

Less Common Slices of the Tetons:

Smaller & tighter captures compliment the big vistas.

Pine Cones

I’ve been collecting a bunch of images that didn’t seem to fit in the Daily Updates pages very well. I managed to squeeze a few in along the way. The subjects on this page caught my eye and prompted me to stop to capture them. They might not be “wall hangers”, but I enjoy photographing them.

Knots and Aged Timber

Knots and Aged Timber: These little gems are abundant in the park. This is a split from one of the big limber pines found around the String Lake junction area.

Sand Bar

Sand Bar: I shot down into the water from the bridge over Pacific Creek for this one. There’s roughly 4″ of water flowing over these underwater sand drifts.

Exposed Roots

Exposed Roots: This was taken along the water of String Lake on an overcast morning.

Pine Boughs

Pine Boughs and Water Drops: Rainy days add one extra dimension for a very common subject.

Cabin Details

Cabin Details: There are lots of historic old cabins around the valley. This detail was taken at the historic old Bar-B-C dude ranch.

Rusting Vehicle

Rusting Vehicle: Also taken at the Bar-B-C ranch. This is the only such vehicle in the Park, however they are common around the country.

Instrument Panel

Instrument Panel: Same vehicle.

Broken Glass

Broken Glass: The Bar-B-C ranch is loaded with small detail shots like this one.

Fall Feature Image

Fall Aspens: Taken along the Moose-Wilson Road. Fall is always a great time to capture images like this. The window of opportunity is usually small.

Burnt Bark Textures

Burnt Bark: Textures from old trees are a work of Mother Nature and years of exposure. There are lots to go around!

Bark Texture

Bark Texture: Most trunks are round, and as a result, create a few focus issues. This old tree along String Lake has a flat side, allowing me to keep the texture in a single focal plane.

Stuck Leaf

Stuck Leaf: This aspen leaf was stuck to the window on the back of my van.

Aspen Leaves in Water

During the Fall, leaves fall to the ground and turn brown. This layer of leaves fell into a small puddle of water, preserving them at least temporarily and giving me a unique look. I shot this one with the aperture stopped down to attempt to keep all of the leaves in focus. I also shot it at F/2.8 at an angle and moved the focal plane around in the scene. I liked them, too.

Warped Window Frame

Warped Window Frame: Taken at Bar-B-C Ranch. This one highlights how the structures have twisted and shifted over they years.

Uptown Privy

Millionaires and Poets stayed at the historic Bar-B-C. That’s what the kiosk sign says anyway. Many a famous derriere probably sat on that porcelain pot!

Steam Valve

Steam Valve: This pipe came out of some sort of old boiler tank at Bar-B-C ranch.


Teton Reflections: Taken on the back side of the Chapel of the Transfiguration.


Door Knob: This was taken at an old cabin along the Moose-Wilson Road. The buildings were torn down a few years ago.

Mormon Gate

Mormon Gate: Taken in front of the Bed and Breakfast on Mormon Row.

Morning Mailboxes

Morning Mailboxes: Taken near Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis on a very early winter morning. Common subjects can be appealing with the right light.

The Collection

The Collection: Taken from the road with a telephoto lens of a wall in Kelly.

Winter's Grip

Winter’s Grip: Many Teton visitors will never see opportunities like this.

Shane Cabin Fence April2008

Shane Cabin Fence: Not long after this photo was taken, the old fence was replaced with a new buck rail fence. Long shadows and snow change this familiar scene.

Backlit American Flag

Backlit American Flag: This flag waves most days over the park entrance station at Moose.


Bubble: Large drops of collected rain water were falling into a small pool at String Lake last September. They created large bubbles that lasted only a minute or so each. I got up close and personal to capture a few unique shots.

Golden Reflections

Fall: Many people head to Oxbow Bend during the fall, but there are lots of other colorful opportunities. This was taken along Slide Lake last year.

Cascade Canyon Fireweed with Freeloaders

Fireweed and Freeloaders: Wildlife comes in all sizes and shapes.

Aspen Leaves

Flowers and Leaves are always appealing “small subjects”. They start changing into their fall colors in September and can be found well into October.

Longhorn Skull and Snow

Longhorn Skull and Snow: Some specific shots last only a day, or less. The fresh snow on this skull would have melted within hours. It was on the side of a cabin in Kelly, but I haven’t seen it in a long time.

Web Captured Leaf Nov28

Captured Leaf: Season’s can change abruptly and occasionally offer up some unusual combinations.

Owl Head

Owl Head: A few years ago, I was taking photos of Great Gray Owls. One flew to a post directly in front of me and continued hunting. This is the back of its head. This delicate texture found me!


Comments: I could add hundreds or even thousands of images to this page. Some photographers specialize in big game and predator wildlife while some specialize in landscapes. There are days when neither are cooperating. Tight images are great for filling time and can offer opportunities for experimentation and practice. Textures and small subject matter are much more prevalent in the park — and everywhere for that matter. I seldom print these images, but I like knowing I have them in my catalog.

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Comments (9)

  1. Sabrina

    Amazing! I love the leaves.

  2. I love shots like these. Sometimes the little, and the unusual are the best things to photograph.

  3. Very good collection of images. Most folks don’t see these things but they are just as compelling in a lot of ways. Well done.

  4. Great to see some fun natural photos. Thanks Mike.

  5. This post is a good reminder to take a closer look around you!

  6. Yep, worth looking up, down, around and behind. Small shots are sometimes very interesting and powerful.

  7. There is often a lot of waiting around, whether for wildlife to move or clouds to either appear or thin. I like to look for these kinds of shots while waiting.

  8. Richard Hanks

    Hi Mike,
    I met you late last June near the Gros Ventre while you were photographing the Blue Bird and spotting moose along the river. Thanks for being so friendly and cordial. Since then I have followed your website which has been entertaining and very helpful. Your attitude as a person speaks volumes through your photographs.

  9. Lowell Schechter

    Hi Mike
    Just saw these wonderful images . And as you said , it pays to looks all around you because there is always something that catches your eye.

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