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The Historic Town Square in Jackson Hole:

Tourists and Locals Sharing the Square.

The Caress

Jackson Hole attracts visitors from all areas of the States and all areas of the world. What’s not to like? The Town Square pulls them into a small area, if only for a few hours. I spent an hour or so on the square today. It became clear how dead serious people get when they are concentrating on taking a photo. I had originally “planned” on taking shots similar to the one above and below, but after I watched so many people taking photos at the arches, I started concentrating on them. There’s a huge range of “iPhone technique” on display, along with a few point and shooters and several carrying higher end DSLR cameras.


The Crusher: That’s our next door neighbor, Rocky sporting his bright orange bike in downtown Jackson. He operates a frame shop only a couple of blocks from the Town Square.

Video Selfie

Video Selfie:

Postcard Time

Pause to Write a Postcard:

A Boy or a Girl Wolf?

A Boy or a Girl Wolf?

I Believe This One Is Perfect

I Believe This One Is Perfect:


Sisters: One was quite serious while the other was always smiling.


Antler Arch iPhone Photographer:

Photographer In Blue

Photographer in Blue: He has a unique overhand focusing technique.

Cowboy Bar

Cowboy Bar:

Free Ride

Free Ride:


Skype: This little girl was talking to someone on Skype through the iPhone.

The Review

The Review Committee:

Another Free Ride

Another Free Ride:


The Perfect Vantage Point: I liked this one because I could see his eye through his fingers.


A Solid Stance:


The Compliment: I was attracted to the row of Royal Purple shirts initially, then a kid in a bright yellow shirt and shoes bounced through the scene.  My color theory instructor would be so proud of me!


More Than One Kind of Focus:


Ice Cream Cone: This isn’t the sharpest shot I took all day, but I liked the emotion.


Lunch Time at the Town Tavern: I was attracted to the bright yellow canopies and row of solemn travelers. If you are looking for a good place to eat while in Jackson, check out the Town Tavern and look over the wonderful photography by my friend, Steve Matheis. I think this would be a good vantage point to “take” photos of all the happenings on the Square.


Photographer in Blue and Orange: Another of the “complimentary” color schemes along with a hot pink phone cover.



Plenty of Concentration Required

Plenty of Concentration Required: I like to capture some of the images with a decorated trailer behind it.


Waiting for the Next Stage: This is one of the stagecoach drivers pausing to watch the tourists.

The Future Hunter

The Future Hunter: If you look closely, you can see the rubber tipped arrows. I’m sure there is a bow attached to the other side, too.


One Handed Filming: No doubt where this person is in the world.


The Biker: The big Rally in Sturgis, SD brings lots of bikers through Jackson Hole in August.

The Supervisor

The Supervisor: This was one of my favorite couples today.

Stagecoach on the Square

Stagecoach Ride Coming In: At one time, the town slogan was “The Last and the Best of the Old West”, but that hasn’t been the focus of the town government for many years.

I was at the square for only an hour or so today. Scenes like the ones above happen constantly from Memorial Day to Labor Day. You just have to stop long enough to capture your part of it! Hope you enjoyed mine!

Web_SquarePhotographer2_Aug1This Feature Post has a Sister! Check out Photographers on the Square: It contains photographers taking photos—all cropped to a square aspect.

Town Square Web Cam: Click this link at any time to see the corner of the square I was sitting at when I took these photos.

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Comments (8)

  1. Marion Dickinson

    Did you by chance leave your photo bag by the bench when they lady with the wild strapless dress and 2 canes came by? It would take a real hard core photographer to carry that on their back while using 2 canes. Bet you have more of her, very interesting subject in that wild dress.

  2. Very Cool Mike! Love the captions…. shows your terrific sense of humor. Will be in Jackson next month for my annual GTNP fix. Hope to see you!

  3. Lynnette Gibson

    This is probably my favorite of all of your posts. It is so interesting to see all the different people and expressions. You captured them all so well.. just like being there.

  4. Lynnette (and all the posters),
    I absolutely LOVE taking this king of subject matter. Interestingly, as I post two or three of them in a relatively short period of time, I start to worry whether I am turning off people coming to the blog to see animals and landscapes? I try to balance subjects as much as possible because I know people come to this area for a wide spectrum or reasons. I have two more Feature Posts lined up about the 2014 Teton County Fair. I am very excited about the photos I took over the four or five nights of photographing it.

    Thanks to all of the posters taking time to add a message here. It helps me understand at least some people enjoy seeing this kind of topic! I add some of these posts hoping they inspire or challenge people to go out into their own neighborhood. Public Markets, Flea Markets, Fairs, Farmer’s Markets, Fireworks displays and similar events happen all over the country and the world. I’ll try to add an “In the Streets” post more often. MJ

  5. Loved this post. Especially enjoyed the two images you posted of the guys with the unique stances. My gosh the leg strength guy must have in the that one titled “the perfect vantage point”. Amazing was able to hold that pose and shoot. 🙂

    The other guy was crazy wide with his stance.

  6. I always think about all the effort I go through to steady my heavy tripod, add weight to the telephoto lens by holding my arm over it, and press my face to the viewfinder. The iPhones and most point and shoot cameras almost force people to hold it out in front of them, which can’t be that steady. Then you have to use a finger to press the digital button on the screen, adding another chance to cause blur. Still, they can take nice shots!

  7. Lowell Schechter

    mike, it was great seeing the second set of people images . You have such a great eye in what out there in this setting and to see so many different kinds of ways that people take photos and how they position themselves or the three people together looking at a photo and also I liked the ones without people taking images ie, kid with an ice cream cone, the stage coach,people sitting around enjoying there surroundings.
    very enjoyable .

  8. Lowell, Thanks for the comments! It’s great to get the feedback. The Town Square is a “target rich” environment for those kinds of shots. I plan on going back a few more times this year. There’s a Farmer’s Market every Saturday during the summer months, along with one at Snow King on Wednesday afternoons. In the fall, there are several events on the Square which are part of the Fall Arts Festival. That could be interesting. Stay tuned!

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