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Photographers on the Square:

Sit Still and Wait! They will come!

I don’t need to say much on this page. This Feature Post is dedicated to people taking photos around the antler arches at the Jackson Town Square today.  I took a lot of photos in just a short period of time using a Nikon D4 and a lightweight 28-300mm “carry around” lens. I walked around a bit, but ended up just sitting down next to the elk antler arch at the intersection of Broadway and Cache. There was a constant flow of subjects.  It was a fun hour of photography!
























With very few exceptions, I took these images while sitting in the exact same spot. While there might an element of similarity from shot to shot, there was so much variety. I could have taken photos there all day!

Happy Exchange 1  Web_HappyExchange1_Aug1

Oh…I got “busted” a couple of times—like the guy in the pink shirt. All it took was a little smile and a nod and all was fine! I suspect quite a few people took photos of me taking photos of others! And, if anyone sees a shot of themselves or their kids on either of these pages and would prefer to be removed, all they have to do is let me know.

The CaressThis Feature Post has a Sister Feature Post: The Historic Town Square in Jackson Hole: It contains a variety of subjects around the square…not just photographers. Don’t miss it!

Town Square Web Cam: Click this link at any time to see the corner of the square I was sitting at when I took these photos.

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Comments (8)

  1. Trenna Sonnenschein

    What fun! I enjoyed all of your news letters and wonderful photography but this one kind of made me laugh because when I have time to kill and I’m hanging out in Jackson, I like to take pictures of people taking pictures at the Arch from the Balcony at the Tavern. I enjoy your work so much. I hope to be able to meet you in person someday.

  2. Lowell Schechter

    Hi Mike
    enjoyed looking at the people photos there were so many different expressions. It looked like most of them were using there cell phones to take photos. I think I saw one person with a Nikon DSLR.

  3. Eddie Hayden

    I just returned home after 4 weeks in Africa, I wish I had a dollar for all the photograph that were taken with an IPhone or IPad.
    You would think if you traveled that far a point and shoot would be in the budget 😉 Love your blog. Congrats on 1 year.

  4. Hi Mike, thoroughly enjoy your photos. I’m American living in South Africa right now, so my photography centers around African wildlife (and some landscape). However I truly didn’t fully appreciate all the beauty we have in the good ol’ USA until seeing how people here ask me have I seen all these magnificent places and I have to answer no! (Never got to the western part of the US much). Jackson Hole was always on my bucket list, but now seeing photos such as yours and following your FB posts, Jackson Hole will be one of the first places we go when we return to the states…

  5. Mike,i smile alot thinking of allllll the shots i missed on camera while living in JH. Coming back for a visit in Sept for a few days. Maybe run into you.

  6. Hi Judy,
    Sometimes I go photograph wild horses around Cody or Rock Springs. I am there two or three days and get to witness their behavior and lifestyle. I am there for only a sliver of time over their life span, yet it is always wonderful. I was at the Town Square for only one hour yesterday and took all the shots you see on these two pages. Over a period of three months, just think of all the other possibilities I (we) miss! Bring your camera!

  7. What made me think I needed this 600 pounds of photo gear. I’m going to get an iPhone 6 to replace it all. LOL!

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