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Jackson Hole Farmer’s Market

Held on the Town Square Each Saturday Morning Throughout the Summer!

If you are in the area on a Saturday morning, it might be worth a trip downtown to check out some of the locally grown fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants, along with home made mustard, baked goods and pastries. Farmer’s Markets are fairly common in many mountain towns, but I believe you’ll find the one in Jackson Hole especially fun and rewarding. I like to stop there on my way back into town after an early morning of photography in the Park. I get a chance to visit friends, snap off a few photos, and grab a “sticky bun” (cinnamon roll with walnuts). The photos on this page were captured over several different Farmer’s Markets.

Farmer's Market

Three sides of the Town Square are dedicated to the vendors. 10% of their sales are donated to some of the local non-profits.


Each week, a musician sets up under the elk antler arch on the Southeast corner and their music is piped into speakers around the square. The town square takes on a festive atmosphere with all the colors, sounds, smells, and activities.


Brain Ernst was performing on the first of the Farmer’s Market. He had a very rich sound for a “one-man-band”.


Just the Legs: I like to experiment some with my photography while at the market. Low angles are always fun!


Dogs on Leashes are common. Most of their owners are proud to pose with their critter.


Scratching. This pup was finding that perfect spot. You can see some of the ski runs in the distance from Snow King Resort.

Sunflower Center Pattern

Sunflower Center Pattern:


Peppers: So many subjects, so little time! I love all the colors on this shot.


Flowers!  I liked the lady’s orange scarf to go with the blues and purples. I only managed to get two shots of her in the frame.


Not all wildlife is inside the National Parks!  This little ground squirrel found a home under the board sidewalks in the Square.

Young Rider

Young Rider:

East Side

East Side of the Square: Socializing seems to be as important as shopping.




Will You Take Our Picture?  Just about everyone has to have a photo taken under the antler arches.


The Director: I believe the gentleman was telling the lady how to frame the photo. I angled the shot just be different.

Young Spirits

Young Spirits:

Craig and Thunder

Craig Knecht rides his mustang “Thunder” around the Square. He is more than willing to talk about the volunteer Citizen’s Mounted Unit and his horse. Thunder was an adopted wild mustang out of southern Wyoming.

Thunder & Kids

Thunder and Kids: I was never quite sure who was enjoying this most!  Thunder has been “gentled” (not broken) and is now 100% tolerant to sounds and distractions of vehicles, motorcycles, rowdy kids, and other noises that might spook most horses. Look for Craig and Thunder at the Farmer’s Market each week!


Toddlers abound! 

Farmers Market Shoppers

Farmers Market Shoppers: The news is out! Each market seems to be getting bigger.


Cherries! Almost all of the vendors are willing to let you step into their booth and take photos.




Pastries! Watch for cakes, pies, cobblers, rolls, and other mouth watering morsels.

Sticky Buns

Sticky Buns: Yes, they are as good as they look!


Fruit Desert: I would have liked to find out if this tasted as good as it looks!

Backlit Sunflower

Backlit Sunflower: The off-camera strobe helped light the center of this backlit flower.








Lavender! There are quite a few textures and patterns available at the Market.

Young Quarterback

Young Quarterback:

Pups Reunited

Reunited Pups: These two pups were adopted by two different families. They were reunited today for some play time.


Farm Fresh Eggs! This shot shows two successful shoppers, the arches, kids, dogs, strollers, Craig and Thunder, Snow King Mountain, a flag in the calm morning, and tourists viewing a vendor’s booth.


Stagecoach Ride: Along with all the excitement happening “inside’ the Square, a stagecoach can take you on a ride ‘around’ the Square.

MustardThe Farmer’s Market is a great way to spend a Saturday morning. It starts at 8:00 am and is over at Noon. You’ll find our friends, Beth Ann and August at a booth selling home made mustard in three flavors. Look for Teton Valley Mustard, then try a sample!  I like the “Sweet & Spicy” mustard. Or, pick up a bag of farm fresh cherries before you head to the park! >>MJ

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Comments (8)

  1. Craig and Thunder

    Mike, I didn’t know you had this going. Thanks for the kind words about Thunder and myself. Great photography. I love the low angle work you do. I will have to try that myself. See you next Saturday. Craig

  2. Hi Craig,
    I will add a few photos to the Town facebook page later. Still catching up, but feel free to share the page and promote the images anyway you can!

  3. Craig and Thunder

    Mike, I have tried twice to share you Farmers Market post on FB and it just sits there spinning and never completes. I wanted to put your whole article out there and not just the photos of me and Thunder. Any suggestions on how to make the FB Share work?

  4. Craig and Thunder

    Mike, the Mayor and Chief of Police would be happy to see you post the photos of any Citizens Mounted Unit members and their horses on the Jackson Police Department Citizens Mounted Unit FACEBOOK Page. Thanks for some beautiful work.

  5. Lowell Schechter

    Hi Mike
    Just got a chance to see the Jackson Hole Farmers Market. We were there for three days including on a Saturday and did not know they had this . I guess we spent most of our time in the Park and did spent some time at night walking around Jackson Hole and getting pictures at the Antlers Arch. But I wish I could spent some time at the farmers market. You did a great job documenting this weekly get together s of different venders selling a variety of things.
    I certainly like the photos of the people and the stage coach ride.

  6. Craig and Thunder

    Mike, You did good! I know you have to protect your images and appreciate the CMU coverage.

  7. Hi Lowell, Sometimes it is easy to get so focused on trying to get a photo of a bear, wolf, or fox that people forget to take in all the other opportunities available to them while in Jackson Hole. I love the variety of subject matter here, so when I can, I like to show some of it. And, hopefully people will grab their camera and snap similar images in their home town, whether it is a fair, fireworks display, or something as simple as a market or street fair. MJ

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