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There are lots of posts on this blog now…maybe too many? Some of my favorite and most informative posts were written within the first month of creating this blog site. If you are short of time, I’d still suggest reading this group:

The Four Seasons:

Oxbow Sunrise

Daily Updates Archives:

For most of the last year, I created a monthly page with almost daily updates. If you take the time to review any particular month, you should get a good idea of what you might find. While each year will vary slightly, I believe the overall pattern will be fairly consistent.

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Mormon Row Peach Sunrise

Previous Feature Posts Organized by Seasons or Topics:

General Photography & Viewing:

Mormon Row Info

Mormon Row Topics:

Fall: (when the leaves start turning until the cold and snow arrives)

Winter: (after the leaves fall until the snow melts)




Area History and Cultural Events:

Jackson Hole has a rich heritage and history. The area was originally homesteaded by Mormon settlers. Their history has always intrigued me.

Area Information


Post Processing:

GTNP & JH Info / LinksGTNP Maps:

These two links (also found in the top menu bar) might help you with important area information.

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Comments (8)

  1. Mike,

    Your posts have been invaluable to me even though I have been to the Tetons at least 6 time now. This year I will be there for the first time in the Fall, last week of September. With some time in Yellowstone before I come down to the Tetons. Thabks for all the great history and information.


  2. Hi John, Hope you enjoy your visit in the Fall. Hard to imagine you wouldn’t!

  3. I’ve been to Jackson hole and Grand Tetons for the past four years. First three was during the fall and then earlier this year in spring. Its amazing to see how active the animals were and how many baby animals were roaming about.

    That’s a great shot of the cabin under the Milky way stars. My goal is to one day visit Jackson or Yellowstone when the night sky is clear for me to take a long exposed picture.

  4. Jeff Birmingham

    Nice to meet you this morning Mike. I’ll be in JH till sat may run in to you out on the road again I’ll be in the red jeep. I made the drive out to C bay tonight but not much going on out there with the weather moving in only one buff one otter and two cow elk. I’ll be back over in the same aria in the morning where I saw u. Then maybe try CB again.

  5. susan rigby

    Good Morning! I’m calling upon your vast knowledge of the park to help determine our housing for a Sept. 2016 3 day trip. Jenny Lake Lodge or Jackson Lake Lodge? We wish to sit an gaze at the view, do medium level hiking, horse and bike riding; kayaking or boating. Jenny Lake is so much more expensive; but it seems its location at the base of the Tetons cannot be beat. Jackson, too, but the view is more distant. We don’t know anyone who has visited the park and we are on the East Coast – can you help? Thank you.

  6. Jenny Lake Lodge is nestled back inside a forest of large Lodgepole Pines. Not sure if it meets your criteria. Check out some of the cabins at Signal Mountain Lodge or go with Jackson Lake Lodge. Good luck, Mike Jackson

  7. Hi Mike,

    First, thank you for such a marvelous blog. We found it (a bit late) after having found the “Shane” or “Luther Taylor Cabins and Homesteads” on Gros Ventre Road without having a clue as to what these cabins were. So researching it online (after leaving Dubois, from where we explored the Tetons and Jackson) we found your blog and learned the answer to our question.

    Your other posts are just as informative and we only wish we had known of your blog posts BEFORE going there. Oh well, there’s always next year, as we are sure we shall be back.

    However, since you are a professional photographer, may I impose upon you for some advice. From our website (our blog) http://www.roughingit you can see that we are nowhere near your stature in photography. We are just a retired couple who love nature and travel seeking to explore this great country of ours. As such we set up our blog to document our travels in text and photography, either for others who want a glimpse of where they want to go (in advance) and/or for ourselves to have a memory Book to reflect upon when we are much older and the memory is not as good.

    We currently have a Canon Power Shot SX530 HS and a Panasonic Lumix DMC‑FZ70 for our photographic equipment. I am not satisfied with the photos produced by the Canon and am looking to upgrade to be able to take better photos with a farther reach as usually wildlife is at a considerable distance (unless one was lucky enough to have a moose cow give birth to a baby moose, right outside your home’s window). I am considering getting a Nikon P900. Understanding that I am not even at 1/10 of your level (as evidenced through your photography) but simply want good, clear, well-focused photographs for our blog… and that I 1) am not proficient at the adjustments of F stops, apertures, ISOs, etc., and cannot make adjustments as quickly as you to capture a Pinto Ranch cowboy being thrown from his horse in 2 seconds, for a 15 second scene. So I would probably (for the most part) avail myself of the AUTO features. I would mainly seek quick response of turning camera on to be ready to shoot, fast response from one frame to another, burst capability, and good color, depth and focus of the images taken. Not wanting to go over $600 do you feel that the Nikon P900 would be a good choice for me, as it has a 83x Zoom and is 16.1 Mp, so I don’t need to have separate lenses to change? Any help would be truly appreciated.

  8. Bill and Mary, Thanks for taking the time to add a comment! I’d like to give you some great advice on the P900, but I don’t own one. If I were in the market, I’d probably log onto B&H Photo and then read the reviews on that camera. I’d also go to and look over the comments for the camera. Between the two, you could get a good idea if it is a solid performer. Cameras are much better over the past few years, so you can probably find on plenty capable of taking great blog images. Hope this helps! MJ

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