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Native American Pow-Wows


GRAND ENTRANCE: Click the Image to See it Much Larger

Native American Pow-Wows are held across the country on a regular basis. One of the largest is Crow Fair, held in Montana. I hope to go there someday. For Yellowstone visitors, a Pow-Wow is held at the pavilion next to the Buffalo Bill Museum on Father’s Day in Cody, WY. seems to keep an up-to-date Pow-Wow schedule.

Shoshone-Bannock Festival Pow-Wow. Fort Hall, Idaho. August 7 – 10, 2014

The photos above and the rest of the photos on this page were taken in 2012 at Fort Hall, ID. I was “asleep at the wheel” and missed it last year, but hope to return this year. Fort Hall is located North of Pocatello, ID. It is about a 130 mile drive from Jackson. For me, it was an awe inspiring, amazing experience! I went to the Festival mainly for the parade and the dancing at the pavilion—but they offer a lot more! Check their schedule for a list of events.

Grand Entrance: The photo above can only begin to give you an idea of the size and feel of a Grand Entrance. They are one of the most amazing “events” I have ever seen. Senses of sight and sound are overwhelmed! Schedules are posted for all Grand Entrances, with small competitions in between. Click on the wide shot above to get at least some idea of the size and scale of the event.

Pow Wow Regalia1_Aug11

Shoshone-Bannock Dancers

PowWow GrandEntrance4_Aug11

The Ladies of the Grand Entrance


Proud Father and Young Son

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About the Photos: I hope the images above are displayed with the dignity and respect they deserve. While the event is a public one, I also understand it is an expression of each individual’s love of their culture. I am thankful to be able to enjoy at least a sampling of it. Please note: I was able to obtain a model release for a couple of individuals, but obviously not for all of the participants. The copyrighted images on this page are intended to show others what I experienced at the Pow-Wow and are not intended to be used for commercial purposes. If you see a photo of yourself you do not want displayed here, please let me know! 

Powwow Etiquette: I found this info at

Pow-Wows and Mountain Man Rendezvous:  You can probably find a Pow-Wow in your area. Just do a few searches for Pow-Wows in your area. While I mentioned the Pow-Wow at Ft. Hall, Crow Fair, and the one at Cody, others take place near Ft. Washakie in Wyoming. All of them are reasonably close to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone, so maybe you can time a summer trip to see more than just the parks. MJ


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  1. Lowell Schechter

    HI Mike
    You did a fantastic job showing how exciting to see one of these Native American Pow wows. There is so much pride in the people who represent there tribes and to experience there culture is amazing. Such colorful displays of there Native dress. thanks for sharing this .

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