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Web Tight Race 2009

Jackson Hole Cutter Races: February 15th & 16th

Jackson Hole Shrine Club Cutter Races – Having fun and helping kids.

The Shriners Club is preparing for the upcoming 43rd Annual Cutter Races to be held just south of Jackson on the 15th and 16th of February. Check out the link for more info. The town hotels can fill up that weekend, so if you are interested in attending the event, I’d suggest booking early. For many in the region, this is a big social event, along with a fundraiser and an action packed sporting event. You don’t need a camera to enjoy it!

Web Cutter At The Gate 2009

Cutters At The Gate: The images on this page were taken in 2009 with a Nikon D300. As you can see, I was able to get fairly close to the starting gate and catch a lot of action.

Out Of The Gate

Out Of The Gate: Taken a couple of seconds after the first shot. Most of the crowds are down the track and at the finish line.

Tight  Race

Tight Race: As you can see, the races pair up two teams at a time. There are plenty or races, so you get to view and photograph them from a lot of places and angles.

Cutter Crowds and Track

Cutter Crowds and Track: There a rows of people behind the fence on both sides. People get there early to stake out their little zone along the fence and back their trucks and vehicles up for a winter tailgate party—complete with grills, heaters, chairs, and blankets. Behind the crowds are rows of trucks and trailers belonging to the contestants.

Colorful Cutter Racer

Colorful Cutter Racer: What can I say? Color abounds!

Down the Stretch

Down the Stretch: Another angle taken from close to the finish line.

Web Mini Racers

Pint Sized Racers: Besides the regular races, the Shriners fill the down times with mini-racers and other side shows. The event goes on for two days, with everything leading towards the finals on the second day.

Here’s a quote from their web site: This is a fraternal and charitable fundraiser. Net proceeds benefit the Salt Lake City Shriners Hospital for Children. The Salt Lake City Shriners Hospital for Children services the children of the Jackson Hole community.

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