Best of the Tetons

Stars over Jenny Lake Oct26

Night Time In the Tetons:

Iconic locations in the Tetons—long after the sun sets.

In late October, we had clear nights for most of a week. I waited a few days after the full moon to start going out to help prevent the moon from affecting the night skies.

Old Patriarch Night Oct24

Old Patriarch on October 24th.

String Lake Stars Oct24

String Lake just below the tail out bridge on October 24.

Stars String Lake Outlet Oct26

Same location on October 26.

Stars Old Patriarch Oct25

Old Patriarch on October 25

Moulton Barn With Stars Oct24

Moulton Barn on October 24th just as the first hints of moon light started lighting the snow capped peaks. The night sky also changes color and brightness as the moon begins to rise. On this night, the moon was only at about half coverage.

Chapel of the Transfiguration Oct24

Chapel of the Transfiguration on October 24. I underexposed the night sky a little to help the Big Dipper show up better against the rest of the stars.

String Lake Tree Line Oct25

Stars over the Tree Line at String Lake on October 25. I’d had preferred to see the Milky Way in this one. It’s a little plain, but there’s something interesting about the symmetry.

Stars String Lake Oct26

Stars over String Lake Oct 26.

Stars over Jenny Lake Oct26

Stars over Jenny Lake on October 26.

The Inner Park Loop closed to vehicle traffic for the Winter on October 31st, so I had to try to photograph in this area while I could still drive in.  After the night of the 26th, we started getting thick clouds and snow. It never cleared again until after the closure. Some of these images were “light painted” with a variety of flashlights ranging from a small Maglite to a 2 Million Candle Power flashlight. I used a Nikon D4 with either a Nikon 14-24 mm lens or a Nikon 24-70 mm lens, on a steady tripod. Most exposures were for 20 seconds in manual mode, with manual exposure. I could focus on a subject while holding the big flashlight on it, then switch to manual focus on the barrel of the lens.

Night Photography Helpers:

Additional Resources:  There are a lot of photographers specializing in night images. Check out Royce Bair’s web site and blog at Into the Night. Royce’s sites will supply a ton of information on the subject. He also teaches night photography workshops. Check out Dave Black’s Workshop at the Ranch tutorials on Light Painting. He also has video training tutorials at Kelby Training.

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