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Moose Bull Cody and Cow Oct17

Late October Wildlife: Owls and Moose

Wildlife from the last couple of weeks of October, 2013

Great Gray and Great Horned Owls:

Great Gray Watching Oct20

Great GrayOwl  in Aspen Tree

Great Gray Claw Up Oct20

Great Gray Owl  turning around with claw up.

Great Gray Owl In Grass Oct27

Great Gray Owl  after missing his prey.

Great Gray on Fence1 Oct27

Great Gray Owl  on Buck Rail Fence

Great Horned Owl Rocks Oct27

Great Horned Owl  atop Granite Rocks

Great Horned Owl in Rocks Oct27

Great Horned Owl  in Rocks

Great Horned Owl Rocks Oct27

Great Gray Owl  hunting from Rocks

Bull Moose

Moose Bull Cody and Cow Oct17

Bull Moose: Cody,  with a resting cow.

Custer Resting Oct18

Bull Moose:  Custer, resting in the shade of a cottonwood.

Custer Pausing Oct18

Bull Moose:  Custer,  pausing at the edge of the shadows.

Cody Lip Curl Oct17

Bull Moose:  Cody,  lip curl or Flehmen Reaction

Custer in Morning Sage Oct18

Bull Moose:  Custer,  in morning sagebrush flats.

Cody Walking Oct17

Bull Moose:  Cody,  walking across sage and cottonwoods.

Gaston Approaching a Cow Oct26

Bull Moose:  Custer approaching a cow.

Gaston's Best Pose Oct26

Bull Moose:  Custer—striking one of his stoic poses.

Washakie Portrait in Snow Oct29

Bull Moose:  Washakie,  resting in fresh snow and sagebrush.

Custer and Shadow Sparring Oct29

Bull Moose:  Post rut sparring.

Washakie and Custer Oct29

Bull Moose:  Custer approaching Washakie while he was resting for some sparring.

Washakie Stepping LightlyOct29

Bull Moose:  Washakie’s left front leg is gimpy right now, causing him to walk carefully and slowly.

Washakie Resting in Snow Oct29

Bull Moose:  Washakie, resting with his injured leg outstretched.

Washakie Resting Under  a Cottonwood Tree Oct29

Bull Moose:  Washakie, stretched out again…

Sparring Moose Oct31

Bull Moose:  Sparring Moose in the cottonwoods.

Washakie Resting Oct26

Bull Moose: Washakie, resting. I was worried about this bull. He’s going better—but still limping. He feeds and moves around, but is quick to bed back down. I have another full page of Washakie: from earlier in the year.

Equipment: Images on this page were captured with either a Nikon D4 or a Nikon D800 and a Nikon 200-400mm lens on a Gitzo Tripod, Arca-Swiss Ball Head, and Wimberley Sidekick.  When action is slow, I use the D800, but switch bodies when it appears there is going to be action.

If you like moose, check out my Moose images at my Teton Images site. Most are presented with an artistic effect.

Please Note: All of the images on this page are fully copyrighted with the US Copyright Office.  ©2009-2013 Mike R. Jackson – All Rights Reserved

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  1. Ashleigh

    Beautiful photos Mr. Jackson! I really like how the Great Horned blends in so well with the rocks. I hope the owls are still around when I come back this winter.

  2. Mike I enjoyed talking with you this evening, and thanks again for all the info.

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