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Washakies Warpaint 2013


One of the large bull Moose of the Gros Ventre.

Washakies Warpaint 2013

Commonly called Washakie by the locals, this big bull has been a fixture along the river from August until late in the fall and early winter. Washakie spends much of his fall near the pullout along the Gros Ventre, so many photographers get to see him. He has always had distinctive brow tines, but a few years ago, he had a big gash on the side of his muzzle resembling war paint. Check this link for information on Chief Washakie. Additionally, Washakie has a cut on the back edge of his right ear, seen in the photo above taken in the fall of 2013. Washakie and the rest of the bulls may hang around the Gros Ventre all summer, but they are difficult to identify until their antlers grow out.

Washakies Warpaint 2012

Washakie’s antlers grow back about the same from year to year as seen in this 2012 photo. You can see the scar in this one, too, but the ear is covered.

Washakies Warpaint 2006

This is a 2006 photo of what I believe was Washakie. The brow tines are still quite similar, but he hadn’t been in the battle that caused his cut.

Moose Washakie In Wate Aug27

Washakie crossing a side channel of the Gros Ventre while still in velvet.

Washakie Photos: This is a random collection of photos I’ve taken of Washakie over the years.
















Equipment Notes: Until I received my Nikon D4 in March of 2012, I was using a Nikon D300 body. Most of he time it was paired up with a Nikon 70-200mm lens in the fall. Worked like a charm for fall moose! The D4 is full frame camera, so I switched over to using a Nikon 200-400mm lens. In the early part of 2013, I purchased a Nikon D800 and use it fairly often with the moose, but I usually have the D4 and a 28-300mm lens around my neck. I can always switch bodies if I feel like I will be getting action shots—or use the D4 and 28-300mm if I need to capture a wide shot.


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Comments (3)

  1. Super images as always,
    Thanks for the ID, I have lots of images of him and now I know his name,

  2. Hi Gary,
    That one we saw cross the river was Gaston. Washakie spent most of his time at the bend by the pullout, but he ranges the entire river bottom.

  3. Yvonne Woods

    Beautiful pictures!
    wish we would have seen some moose the last three times we were up there….

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