Best of the Tetons

Great Gray Hovering Oct6

Great Gray Owls of Fall

A couple of Great Gray owls found some prime hunting areas in Jackson Hole this fall. The photos below are a cross section of the images I took of them in early October.

Great Gray Straight On Oct7




Great Gray Willow Branches_Oct7

Great Gray Watching_Oct9

Great Gray Stretching Oct7

Great Gray Spruce Tree Oct6

Great Gray Spread Wings Oct7


Great Gray Pouncing Oct6

Great Gray Post_Oct6

Great Gray On Stump Oct11

Great Gray On Stump Oct6



Great Gray Landing Buckrail Oct7

Great Gray Landing Oct7

Great Gray In Spruce Oct6

Great Gray In Grass Oct6

Great Gray In Color Oct7


Great Gray In Aspens Oct9

Great Gray Hovering Oct6

Great Gray Hover Oct11

Great Gray Going to Spruce Top Oct6

Great Gray Gliding Oct7

Great Gray Flying Oct6

Great Gray Flight Oct9

Great Gray Flight Oct7

Great Gray Flight Oct9

Great Gray Flight Oct7

Great Gray Flight Oct6

Great Gray Flight Oct11

Great Gray Flight1_Oct9

Great Gray Flight1_Oct7

Great Gray Face1_Oct7

Great Gray Down Aspen1_Oct7

Great Gray By Aspen Trunk_Oct9

Great Gray Backlit Landing_Oct7

Great Gray Backlit_Oct7

Great Gray Aspen Branch_Oct6

Great Gray And Grand_Oct7

Great Gray Blurred Flight_Oct12

All of the photos above were taken with a Nikon D4 and a Nikon 200-400 lens on a Gitzo tripod with an Arca-Swiss Z-1 Ball Head and a Wimberley Sidekick.

I removed a few stray twigs, branches, and distractions on a few of the images in Photoshop.

Please Note: All of the images on this page are fully copyrighted with the US Copyright Office.  ©2013 Mike R. Jackson – All Rights Reserved

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Comments (8)

  1. Well done Mike, all are great

  2. Eric

    Mike, Great photos. Especially the close-ups and the ones with open wings backlit. I’d love to be able to photograph one of these someday.

  3. Daryl and Eric,
    Thanks! I hope they show up again!

  4. Lowell Schechter

    Mike, Great images of the owl .
    I guess he or she got used to use after a while.
    The first image one is awesome!!

  5. Marion Dickinson

    Just fantastic, especially the flying shots.

  6. Spectacular captures as usual! thanks for sharing Mike.

  7. Outstanding owls shots. I wish I had seen some while I was there this year. Well, there’s something more to look forward to next year.

  8. Sue Hyler

    Very pleasing to view these photos. A couple were really jaw dropping for me, love how art speaks to people.

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