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Sleeping Indian1_Nov26

Sleeping Indian: A Lesser Photographed JH Icon

Sleeping Indian, or Sheep Mountain rests on the east side of the valley, about 13 miles northeast of the Town of Jackson. Sleeping Indian is a five mile long ridge in the Gros Ventre Range.

You can view or photograph Sleeping Indian from about any area of the south end of the Teton Valley. You first good view of it is from the observation platform along Flat Creek, on the north edge of the town of Jackson. It will be easily viewable along the highway almost to Moose Junction and for the first couple of miles along the Gros Ventre Road if heading towards Kelly. Other views include parts of Spring Gulch Road, Teton Village Road, Fish Creek Road and from Teton Pass. If you were to take the sleigh ride on the National Elk Refuge in the winter, Sleeping Indian would be a welcome backdrop. I’ve never done it, but lots of people hike to the top of it. And, you can drive within a few miles of it by going up the Curtis Canyon road out the east side of the National Elk Refuge.

The photos on this page are a random sampling of shots I’ve taken over the past four or five years. I like it as a subject to go with the rising moon, sunsets and sunrises. Clouds, snow cover, fog, and smoke are constantly changing its appearance. Quite a few of the images were taken at the observation deck on Flat Creek with a Nikon 200-400mm lens while waiting for swans, geese, or ducks to move in front of me. The compositions are roughly the same because of the shooting parameters there, but the look of the scene can be quite different.

Sunrise Over Sleeping Indian 2

From the Highway

Smokin Indian1_Aug22

From the Highway

Sleeping Indian Sunset Nov2

From Fish Creek Road

Sleeping Indian Sunrise1_Aug31

From the Highway

Sleeping Indian Spring Gulch1_Jan22

From Spring Gulch Road

Sleeping Indian Refuge1_Jan22

Just North of the Viewing Platform on the Highway. Elk Grazing on the Refuge.

Sleeping Indian Clouds2_Oct29

From the Observation Platform

Sleeping Indian Cloud1_June30

From the Elk Refuge Road

Sleeping Indian1_Oct11

From Spring Gulch Road

Sleeping Indian1_Nov22

From the Observation Platform

Sleeping Indian1_Mar27

From the Gros Ventre Road

Sleeping Indian1_July4

From the Observation Platform

Sleeping Indian1_Jan22

From the Observation Platform

Sleeping Indian1_Dec24

From the Observation Platform

Sleeping Indian1_Dec20

From the Elk Refuge Road


From the Observation Platform


From the Highway

Moonrise Sleeping Indian1_Dec6

From the Elk Refuge Road

Indian Moon1_Aug29

From the Gros Ventre Road

Moon Ridr Over Sleeping Indian

Moon Rise Over Sleeping Indian taken near the entrance road to the National Fish Hatchery.

Sunrise Over Sleeping Indian

Sunrise Over Sleeping Indian: Taken from the observation platform on Flat Creek.

Shooting Info: Some of the early images were taken with a Nikon D300. Later images were taken with either a Nikon D4 or a Nikon D800 body. Some were photographed with a Nikon 24-70 mm lens, but most were taken with a Nikon 70-200mm lens or Nikon 200-400mm lens. All would have been taken on a Gitzo Tripod and Arca-Swiss Z1 Ball Head. Most would have been taken at the base ISO of either 100 or 200 depending on the body. Aperture settings would have been at F/8 to F/11 on most shots and in Aperture Priority.

Please Note: All of the images on this page are fully copyrighted with the US Copyright Office.  ©2013 Mike R. Jackson – All Rights Reserved

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Comments (4)

  1. Great collection of the indian Mike 😀

  2. I was just in Jackson the last week of Sept. While driving into Jackson from the airport the driver of my shuttle pointed out the Sleeping Indian. It was lit up beautifully in the late afternoon golden light. I wanted to photograph it so bad, but my driver wouldn’t stop for that. Sadly, I never made it out to get a shot of him. I plan to return to your lovely area and get this shot, and many others of the Tetons.

    Your photographs of him with the Moon are fantastic, and my favorites in this series.

    I enjoy receiving your blog. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Marion Dickinson

    These are just great Mike. Sure beginning to look like there will be LOTS of winter shots for us this year.

  4. Hi Marion,
    It is snowing here right now. I always like the photos of Sleeping Indian after he is dusted or covered with snow. It is “okay” in the summer, but much more dramatic in the winter. Other than trying to find moose this time of the year, I normally spend a lot of my time outside the park anyway. I hope they open it soon, but I am still finding lots of subjects without it.

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